Best Breakfast Foods For Your Weight Loss Diet

A healthy diet is what allows our body to function optimally. To achieve this, it is essential that we eat foods that promote the proper functioning of our body and avoid diet – related diseases, such as obesity or cardiovascular problems. For this reason, experts recommend that our diet is part of a healthy lifestyle, which is rich in plant foods and fiber, and is low in animal fat, in sweet and overly calorie products.

If you want to implement a diet to lose weight effectively and healthily, you must take into account how important it is to have a good breakfast to lose weight. This is considered as the main meal of the day and it is essential that you add foods that can make you feel more energized to start the day.

In your breakfast to lose weight you should include foods with protein and carbohydrates. Of the proteins get amino acids that are important for you to build muscle and carbohydrates get energy.

A proper breakfast should consist of a dairy product, a seasonal fruit and cereal, so if you want to lose weight, you must have a healthy diet and eat breakfast every day.

These are the best breakfast meals to lose weight:Raspberries

Published in the Journal of Nutrition Research shows that fiber plays an important role in the prevention of obesity, even this compound has an effect on the body to promote weight losing people who regularly consume. Given the importance of fiber invitation is to consumer raspberries as part of your breakfast, it is estimated that one cup of raspberries contains about 8 grams of fiber, which would reduce about 1,000 calories and ultimately help you lose 4 pounds weight.


About oats much talk in terms of balanced feed, but is now known that this type of cereal can be a major source of fiber for breakfast time and also responsible for the slow release of carbohydrates. Even one of the recommendations of the experts is to eat oatmeal three hours before exercise to help burn more fat. A glass of oatmeal for breakfast would be perfect, but if you prefer an oatmeal cookie not be a bad idea.


Dairy products are an excellent source of calcium. A publication of the New England Journal of Medicine found that yogurt is one of the foods that promotes weight loss. It is estimated that the yogurt, preferably low fat, could deliver the body to provide energy to the body and thus lose more weight by the activities and the effect of food on the body a good dose of protein.


A breakfast worth called good breakfast should have a couple of eggs. As is known, the egg contains important proteins consumed properly could provide the necessary protein for people looking to lose weight. Proteins that have eggs also help keep you satisfied longer. It will be a matter of preparing healthy ways; but go there a thousand ways to prepare eggs.

– Our meal must contain at least two servings of vegetables daily, one at lunch and another at dinner; 2 to 3 pieces or servings of fruit a day; 2 to 3 servings daily protein foods (meat, fish and eggs, low fat preferred), cereal or starch rich in fiber, such as pasta, rice or whole-meal bread or vegetables; and avoid foods like sugar, sweets and jams rich in sugar, sugary drinks, pastries and cakes industrial and precooked foods.

– Another aspect that experts recommend is to distribute food intake throughout the day, and do so for 5-6 meals: breakfast, mid morning, lunch, snack, dinner and snack after dinner. This favors self intake and anxiety and also distributes calorie intake throughout the day.

– It is important that you spend time for breakfast if you want to succeed in your weight loss, remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. People who daily eat at each meal in addition to losing weight and being thin, are those with lower levels of cholesterol.

With sample breakfast meals to lose weight you just know you can plan to eat at breakfast, remember that they have to be low in calories and should provide enough to fulfill all your activities during the day. Do not forget to eat for breakfast and  your body will thank you.

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